One year of using Apple products: My thoughts on the experience

One year of using Apple products: My thoughts on the experience

It’s officially been a year since I became an Apple user. Now, as an Apple blogger, I felt it was the right time to reflect on this experience because I come from a unique perspective.


Android has always been my favorite phone. I bought into the stigma that Apple was too expensive and found them impossible to buy. As someone who has dealt with her products, I have never owned one myself. I have barely been exposed to Apple devices.

When I was shopping for my first smartphone as a college student on a shoestring budget, I was blown away by the camera and size of the Samsung Galaxy line. The iPhone’s small stature and boxiness turned me on royally. I had an Android tablet at the time, so I felt comfortable staying in the Android family. Also, every non-smartphone I’ve owned before has been a Samsung; and those devices were good for me.

But that all changed last year when I became an Apple user for the first time.

Reasons for switching to Apple products

In July 2021 I found myself at a local Verizon store in desperate need of an upgrade. My current phone at the time was a Samsung Galaxy S7 that I bought in 2016. That made my phone five years old when I finally upgraded. While I was considering an iPhone in 2016, I had to buy my S7 in a hurry and I wasn’t ready for the transition yet.

Over time, I got tired of how slow the S7 had become and was ready for a faster, more modern device. YouTube has become a source of knowledge when it comes to phone research. Looking at the iPhone 12, I finally found an iPhone that I thought looked good and suited my desire for a simple interface.

iPhone sealed the deal

When I was at Verizon I went through all the deals with the awesome sales rep trying to find the package that was right for me. We settled on a purple iPhone 12, which gave me a special offer to get an Apple Watch SE as well. What also drew me to the iPhone was the fact that I had an interview hours later at my local Apple Store. Funnily enough, the very first call I received on my very first iPhone was from Apple itself!

A month later I started working as a specialist in the Apple Store. You are probably thinking; how did someone with no experience with Apple products get to work at the company? Probably what helped is my previous experience working in the hospitality industry. At the Apple Store, it’s more about your people skills than Apple knowledge. It also didn’t hurt that I’m a former Walt Disney World employee and the hiring manager is a huge Disney fan.

iOS is a culture shock for this first-time Apple user

Switching from Android to iPhone felt like a complete culture shock. Browsing iOS felt like I was in foreign territory. However, I got over it the right way and started enjoying my new iPhone, finding it so easy to use.

One thing I miss with Android is a little flashing light to alert me to notifications when my phone was in sleep mode. Even a year later, I still expect to see a flashing light letting me know to check my phone.

Benefits for users of Apple products

iPhone is that simple. Its simplicity is so appealing that in the past year I’ve had several family members switch to Apple as well. The integration of all my Apple devices is excellent; I never knew the device ecosystem could coordinate so beautifully. Also, don’t get me started on the Mac!

After one year I know the details of my iPhone and I really liked it. In seven years with a Samsung Galaxy, I could barely make a phone call some days. Now it was a relief from my shoulders to have a phone that does not complicate anything and is a joy to use.

tips for mac users of Apple Watch products

Products I use

Apple products I’ve acquired over the past year include (thanks to a discount at the Apple Store):

Would I go back to Android?

I would totally go back to Android. There is no particular reason why; maybe I’m just missing the Samsung brand? I know people love the advanced customization features that Android offers; I don’t really care. Now, when it comes to computers, I would totally go back to Windows as my main hub. I actually still have my HP laptop and like both Windows and Mac.

My future as an Apple user

I’ve been pretty happy so far in my one year as an Apple enthusiast. But there are a few things I would like to change in my sophomore year.

Ideally, I’d like to work on an iPad that has a more Mac-like experience. As much as I love the iPad, depending on what you do, it can be horrible to work with. I use an iPad (9th generation), which is a fantastic tablet, but not a heavy multitasking machine.

Another thing I’m looking forward to as an Apple user in the future is getting better at the camera. Since the iPhone camera has become quite the game changer, I need to know how to actually take good photos. If there are any iPhone camera enthusiasts out there, I’d appreciate some advice.

When did you first become an Apple user? I was wondering what drew you to Apple devices? Let me know in the comments!

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