Destroyed movies about the superheroes The Boys for the star of the series Tomer Capone

Destroyed movies about the superheroes The Boys for the star of the series Tomer Capone

About a successful series of corrupt superheroes from Amazon Studios BoysHughie (played by Jack Quaid) is a sensitive young man who is increasingly eager to become a villain.

In contrast, his compatriot Frenchie – played by Israeli actor Tomer Capon – has a long history as a tough criminal (and infamously killed the superhero Translucent with a “bomb in the ass” in the first season of the series). But during each season of the outrageous series, Frenchie increasingly follows his heart, especially in his growing relationship with Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara).

Capone – who previously starred in the Israeli series Fauda and When Heroes Fly – says that he was touched by the reaction of fans of the series to his portrayal of Frenchie and how his character managed to connect with the dumb Kimiko using sign language.

“The relationship really, really graduates,” says Capone, 36 Hollywood reporter. “I know a lot of people love this relationship – people who say, ‘We were outsiders [too]. ‘ And somehow we touch them, which is very pleasing. “The actor adds to his character:” I think Frenchie is more motivated than anything by heart and emotions. The boys are family. The butcher is the father and Mother’s Milk is the mother. Hughie is like an older brother, Kimiko is the youngest sister and Frenchie is a troubled teenager – that’s how I see it.

With the sixth episode of the third series, which premieres today, June 24 – the season the actor calls “the craziest” and “bloodiest” to date – Capone talked about how he originally won his role on the show and why Boys destroyed superhero movies for him.

How did you get the cast for the show?

Over [The Boys‘ showrunner] Eric Kripke’s mother. That is the most honest answer. I found out when they visited Israel and went to Jerusalem for dinner, and his mother said, “I pointed at Eric to see you when I saw you on Netflix.” She saw me on When Heroes Fly or on Fauda. That’s something I didn’t know. I know they’ve been looking for Frenchie for a long time.

Tomer Capone in The Boys.
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

What was the course of the bankruptcy?

I returned to Israel from a trip to China for my friend’s wedding, and I remember calling me, “They want another tape, like something deeper about another scene.” So I’m ua [friend’s] place in Tel Aviv and it’s a scene with guns and [my friend] on the character of Butcher he is ballistic and I do my things for the camera, I swear in French, whatever. And a couple of IDFs [Israel Defense Forces] the police went to her backyard with their weapons drawn and just shouted, “Put the gun down. Put the gun down. “And we both froze in place. I almost sucked my pants. It was extreme. It happened that some neighbors saw us out the window and saw a crazy guy with a gun and called the police. That’s my experience with Hollywood. bankruptcy.

How much do you still watch and read the original comics as you work on your character Frenchie?

You know, my trailer is full of lines when we shoot [on the walls] – like bubbles – that I write down from a comic book, specific things that Frenchie says and the like. It’s always there. Respect is there. But when it comes to trying to capture something that is in line with the comic, I tried it once in the first series. I had an argument with Mother’s Milk, and these two are getting into it. And I say, “You know what, I want to try something out of comics.” Anyway, [the description was]: Frenchie jumps up with his claws, like a really big jump. And I went in and fell on my ass and realized that maybe it’s a better blow.

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Tomer Capone (France) and Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko) in The Boys.
Courtesy of Amazon Studios

We are working on Boys has it affected your experience of watching superhero movies?

I think it ruined my whole superhero experience. I used to think that men in Spandex who have special abilities are cool. But this show just erased it. When I see a superhero on the screen, I don’t buy it anymore. For the last 10 years, they’ve all been into that superhero thing, trying to escape reality. And then I read Boys and I say, “They took the genre and they fucking turned it around.” They said, “Let’s see how superheroes behave in front of a mirror when they end their day. What are they all about when they take off Spandex? “

Did you have time to do any other projects besides? Boys?

Actually yes. I have a film called Sling which I packed two months ago. Directed by Mikael Håfström. It’s a realistic futuristic space thriller with Laurence Fishburn and Casey Affleck. All three of us are astronauts on a mission to one of them [Saturn’s] months.

Do fans know you’re Israel?

I’m so happy I passed it among people who thought I was actually French. It’s like traveling around the world and people are saying, “French! Oh, my God. “They start speaking French to me. Everyone is 100% positive that I’m French.

The interview has been modified for length and clarity.

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