Differences between 'Fire Emblem Engage' protagonists and 5 other tips for beginners

Differences between ‘Fire Emblem Engage’ protagonists and 5 other tips for beginners

Filling shoes of Fire Emblem: Three Houses it can’t be easy. Now this Fire Emblem Engage It’s out there, it’s likely to attract many players whose first experience with the series was the game’s highly successful predecessor. But Fire Emblem Engage is a very different game from Three housesand some of the changes it brings may come as a big surprise. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you get off to the best possible start in your tenure as a Divine Dragon.

6. Should you choose a male or female Alear?

The first decision you make Fire Emblem Engage is whether to choose a male or female version of the protagonist, who is named Alear in both cases. in Three housesit was a crucial decision because it affected who your character could have a romantic relationship with later in the game.

There is no mechanical difference between a male and female hero Fire Emblem Engage.Nintendo

Not so in this case Fire Emblem Engage, where you can achieve S-rank support with any character regardless of the protagonist’s gender. The only difference this time is aesthetic, so choose whichever protagonist you think looks best.

5. Explore Somniel

Your base, Somniel, is full of activities that provide items and other bonuses, but not all of them are available right from the start. They unlock fairly quickly, and there isn’t always a clear message to tell you when new activities are available, so you’ll have to research them to know they even exist.

In Chapter 9, you’ll have all the most important activities unlocked, which are all clustered around the cafe at the north end of the base. Eating meals here will increase your support level with allies. Behind the counter is a donation board that allows you to offer large amounts of money to various nations Fire Emblem Engage‘s world in exchange for better items in their territory, plus a cache of bonus items.

Somniel allows you to manage the stats and relationships of your units.Nintendo

The door to the right of the counter leads to an arena where you can get some quick experience and Emblem bond levels. The door to the left is the Ring Chamber, which allows you to create bond rings to increase your stats and bond with emblems even more. The cafe and arena are especially important to visit every time, as you have limited use of them between missions, so skipping them means you’ll miss out on potential bonuses forever.

Also, be sure to head to the southern end of Somniel to unlock the Tower of Trials, which offers optional combat challenges, including online modes.

4. Start a petting zoo

One of the most easily overlooked parts of Somniel is the farm. After most battles, you can adopt local animals if your bounty is high enough in the region. Back in Somniel, you can choose which ones to farm outside and collect a reward from each after each mission.

Most importantly, every dog ​​on your farm digs up a metal ingot, which is essential for upgrading your weapons. Filling your farm with dogs is a great way to keep supplies topped up without having to fight extra battles over them.

3. Check the Reference menu

Battles and several side activities increase support points between units and bond levels using emblems. Once you’ve accumulated enough, your bonds or support will level up and unlock conversation and stat bonuses.

However, you won’t actually level up or start these conversations automatically. To do this you need to enter the References menu and select either Support or Bond to see what is available. Anyone who is ready to chat will have a small bubble icon next to their name. It’s a good idea to check it every chance you get to make sure you’re not missing out.

Some of Fire Emblem EngageThe best moments are outside the main story path.Nintendo

2. Play Paralogy

Paralogues, a Fire Emblem tradition, are optional side missions that become available as you play through the story. The first few you come across will allow you to recruit more characters, so if you want to have everyone you can on your team, be sure to play them.

Later Paralogues focus on Emblem characters, giving them a little more backstory and unlocking their highest bond levels. The battles you face here often have special rules and are among the most enjoyable parts Fire Emblem Engageso they are definitely worth checking out.

1. Plan for classroom changes

With a few exceptions, units can change to a different class once they reach level 10. You’ll need a Master Seal to advance to an advanced class, or a Second Seal to change classes within the same level, both of which can be purchased. in Somniel.

Keep in mind that each class has certain weapon requirements. Characters can gain skills by partnering with Emblems, so if you want to make a big change, it’s a good idea to get them the necessary skills as soon as possible.

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