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‘Really frustrating’: Indigenous leaders angered by decision to close NT Treaty Commission

The decision by the Northern Territory government to end the work of its treaty commission, reject some of its key recommendations and delay the negotiation process to hold further consultations on its own has angered some Aboriginal leaders.

The NT Government published its response to the June 2022 Northern Territory treaty commission recommendations online over Christmas, which included closing the commission and continuing the treaty process without it.

There was no press conference, and the Minister of Agreements, Selina Uibo, did not respond to a request for an interview that day.

Independent Arnhem Land Member of Parliament Yingiya Guyula said he was appalled by the timing of the response.

“The government stole it, quietly during the Christmas holidays so it wouldn’t wake up the public’s ears,” he said.

The Yolngu leader said he felt the $4 million and consultation time was now wasted.

Acting NT Treaty Commissioner Tony McAvoy’s job is now over. (ABC News: Che Chorley)

government to hold its own consultations

Former Treaty Commissioners Professor Mick Dodson and Ursula Raymond traveled the territory for more than two years consulting with indigenous communities, asking people how they wanted the dispossession of their land, children and culture to be dealt with and for self-government to return.

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