'It was inappropriate': BBL fired with Canes star 'pushed' in 'friendly' incident

‘It was inappropriate’: BBL fired with Canes star ‘pushed’ in ‘friendly’ incident

The BBL was shocked by a “disgusting” incident involving Matt Wade, his former Australia team-mate David Warner and fellow Thunder star Chris Green in Sunday’s clash.

Sydney Thunder’s Warner was seen “pushing” Hobart’s Wade after a verbal spat broke out between Wade and spinner Green as the Hobart Hurricanes raced to a massive win at Blundstone Arena.

As Green completed his end before the innings drinks break, Hurricane Tim David was seen putting his hand on a Thunder opponent and appeared to push him away from Wade as the two engaged in an apparent war of words.

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David: ‘It was quite friendly…’ | 00:28

What followed between Warner and Wade was then described by cricket commentator Kerry O’Keeffe as “inappropriate” and “disgusting”.

“What is happening there?” Fox Cricket commentator Dan Ginnane asked.

“Tim David’s hand on Chris Green’s shoulder, who is unhappy about something.” Try Matt Wade.

“This is getting a little spicy.

Tim David was seen as a “peacemaker” when a war of words broke out.Source: FOX SPORTS

With Ginnane describing Wade as “a man who won’t back down from an argument”, the Hobart star warned he could find himself in hot water for his actions when he approached the Thunder’s Daniel Sams.

When the argument between Green and Wade turned into Sams and Wade, that’s when the “lurking” Warner physically intervened.

“Warner just kind of pushed Wade in there,” Ginnane said.

“You have two firecrackers going toe to toe. The stuff between Green and Wade wasn’t funny, it was just verbal.’

O’Keeffe said the physical altercation between Warner and Wade was not what you wanted to see on the field.

“It’s very edgy out there,” he said.

Warner goes for a duck in BBL start | 00:36

“That was inappropriate. I don’t know what happened between the couple.

“Their history as friends goes way back.

“It’s disgusting. You can’t have that kind of contact.

“If they were half joking, I don’t know. Their body language suggested no. There was a problem out there.”

What sparked the altercation remains a mystery, as Fox Cricket sideline commentator Molly Strano believed it went back to before Green’s end.

“There was a little tension in that 10-break,” Strano explained.

“It looked like Chris Green wasn’t too happy when Matt Wade got out of the batter when Green was coming in.

‘Ball from Heaven’ seals hat for Ellis | 00:53

“He was a bit frustrated from there, it almost looked like Tim David was the peacemaker at the non-striker’s end.

Speaking after the match, David tried to play down the ordeal, claiming it was just a “friendly” sled.

“Obviously we know Wadey loves to compete and be a bit wild,” he told Fox Cricket.

“Greeny was killing him. I indicated that I would come again or again.

“I was just there trying to diffuse it and they just kind of went at each other.

The whole ordeal will be subject to official match review, but with Wade suspended earlier in the competition, the latest drama is likely to attract attention.

The confrontation had no chance to go any further as Wade dropped three balls after a drinks break.

But it was Wade who had the last laugh as his side won by five wickets with 23 balls to spare.

After the game, Wade was seen shaking hands with Warner, Green and Sams, and was later seen talking to Green separately.

Both players patted the other on the back before heading to their respective teams.

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