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Top 5 Features of PUBG Mobile 2.4 Update

PUBG Mobile Update 2.4 started rolling out on January 4, 2023. It is the first major update for the Battle Royale game in 2023.

Like the previous major updates in PUBG Mobile, the new version of the title has a lot of new features and events that will enrich the BR gaming experience.

Bruce Lee co-op and other key features PUBG Mobile players are excited to experience in the latest 2.4 update

1) Martial Showdown Theme (Exclusively available in Erangel and Livik)

Below are all the new features of Update 2.4 related to the Martial Showdown theme:

  • Many martial arts arenas will appear in theme mode matches. While some arenas will be time-limited, others will be accessible at any time.
  • Back For Honor is a 1v1 battle between a recalled player and their original killer. The winner of the duel will be richly rewarded.
  • A new two-seater Dancing Lion bike (found only in the crate in the middle of the Martial Arts Arena) comes into play. It can be stored in a backpack and used multiple times.
  • A new weapon called the Explosive Bow is also coming to the game.
  • A new item, called a Grappling Hook, can be fired at a target and pulled to it.
  • The new items, called Blessing Lantern and Blessing Kite, can be found in various urban cities and above martial arts arenas. Players can destroy these crates to access the supplies contained within.
  • Kung Fu Steamed Bun can restore energy and health.

2) Metro Royale Update

Below are all the features of Metro Royale in update 2.4:

  • A new Misty Port map (size 1.8×1.2 km) has been introduced, which will only be available in basic and advanced mode.
  • New Fabled gear comes into play with minimal special features. Legendary gear can be obtained by defeating bosses in matches or opening crates.
  • Draw packs have been added to the Metro Royale Black Market. They can be purchased with Metro Cash.
  • The new Gallery feature will showcase all the special features.
  • Four salable items (Biological Sample, Gold Piles, Processor (GPU), Lens) will appear on the new map.
  • Advanced Vests’ durability has been improved to withstand more explosive damage.
  • A new weapon called the Honey Badger (also available in Cobra and Steel front variants) has been added to the game.
  • Improvements have been made to the game lobby inventory settings

3) New Season and Royale Pass

Update 2.4 will have a new Royale Pass (Month 19) and a new season (Cycle 4, Season 10). Based on the leaks available online, the new Royale Pass will follow the theme of “Boiling Blood” and will bring a lot of cosmetics and items as rank rewards. Meanwhile, a new season will mark the start of a new cycle and offer tier rewards.

However, C4S10 and the Month 19 Royale Pass will be released on January 17, 2023 (the day after the ongoing Month 18 RP closes).

4) Bruce Lee Collaboration

The Bruce Lee Family Company and PUBG Mobile have collaborated to bring the iconic mixed martial artist and actor to the game. Players will be able to express themselves with distinctive Bruce Lee cosmetics. They can even get a character based on him in the game.

From January 10, 2023 to January 26, 2023, PUBG Mobile players can participate in the DreamRealm Apprentice event. After completing a series of difficult tasks, they can unlock special rewards.

5) Other changes and improvements

Many other changes were incorporated in the PUBG Mobile January update. New skills like Player Launcher and Tactical Camouflage have been added to the returning Gear Front mode. Meanwhile, hang gliders and an elevator (at the Galata Tower) have also been added to the Erangel map.

Improvements were made to various weapons and vehicles. While guns like the UMP 45, Micro Uzi, PP-19 Bizon, Famas and QBZ have all been improved, a new round has been added to the BR title.

Note: PUBG Mobile has been banned in India since September 2020. Therefore, players in the country must refrain from playing the game.

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