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Bungie confirms big exotic and aerial changes with Destiny 2 Lightfall and Year 6

Destiny 2 Lightfall will be released on February 28 next year, along with massive overhauls and additions to the sandbox. However, aside from all the known items announced by Bungie, a recent interview confirmed some big themes in the game.

As expected by the community, most of them relate to exotics, AE (Airborne Effectiveness), and the thought process that led to the new perks.

In a recent interview with Shooting, weapon designers Mercules and Chris Proctor weighed in on the future of Destiny 2 regarding weapon changes. To summarize, both confirm the rework and addition of catalysts on more exotic weapons.

In addition, the current AE system in the game was also discussed, promising big changes in the future.

Exotic rework, Airborne changes, and more in Destiny 2’s future, Bungie confirms in latest interview

Starting with one of the main themes, Airborne Effectiveness will undergo a significant change in the early stages of Lightfall. The primary thought process behind the changes was to reduce the number of player deaths in the air. Although Bungie achieved this goal, it took the fun out of the game for many players.

Not to be too honest, but removing aerial efficiency from Destiny 2 would immediately and drastically improve the overall state of the game. This is SO significant.

So, after the launch of Lightfall, the company will remove most of them. Primary weapons will no longer have an AE penalty, allowing players to shoot with consistent accuracy while swimming or jumping. Depending on playtests, these changes may also be implemented in mid-season 19.

Sunshot Hand Cannon currently with old perks (Image via Destiny 2)Dead Man's Tale Scout Rifle with random perks in-game (Image via Destiny 2)

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