'He actually loved him': The heart-wrenching truth about the Warne-Starc row revealed

‘He actually loved him’: The heart-wrenching truth about the Warne-Starc row revealed

Michael Clarke has said he plans to reach out to Mitchell Starc after the Australian fast bowler revealed his sadness at never mending fences with Shane Warne.

Keep talking Sky Sports RadioClarke insisted the late great liked Starc and had nothing against him despite his regular criticism of the left-back.

“I can tell you now. Warnie liked Starccy,” Clarke said. “I’m going to reach out to Starccy because I don’t think Starccy really believes that Warnie really loved him. I really liked him, I thought he had so many good things about his game.”

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Clarke said this in response to a press conference on Thursday in which Starc reflected on Warne’s criticism of his bowling.

Warne has been Starc’s harshest critic and has regularly questioned his place in the Test side, although he conceded where he should have been after last summer’s impressive Ashes performance.

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The spin legend said he was open to clearing the air with Starc over a beer – but the meeting never happened after Warne’s shock death in Thailand in March.

“Part of the disappointment, or the sad part, is that we never had that conversation,” Starc said.

“I guess we’ll never know (whether it was personal).

“I don’t know – I was never called to accept this offer (for beer). Hindsight is a wonderful thing.”


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Now Clarke is eager to set the record straight with Starc.

The former Australia captain said Warne never had anything against the fast bowler and just wanted to help get the best out of him.

“Warnie just marked him hard,” Clarke said. “That is all.

“And I tell you, Warnie really believed at times that being so hard on him got the best of him. He thought he was also saying that to help Starccy.

“I know he was hard on him. He did that with certain players, he picked them and he didn’t let up and Starccy was probably one of them.

“But I spoke to him about it at the time and he had no personal problem with Starccy at all. (He) met him a few times and thought he was perfectly fine.”

Clarke added: “You can see why Starccy took it personally as well, so I’ll turn to him today… to be honest, he really liked him.”

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Before his death, Warne said News Corp in an unpublished interview that he had no problem with the Old Man.

Warne said he would like to have a chat with Starc, adding: “It’s nothing personal. I am there to judge what I see… It devalues ​​the public out there (if you don’t give) your opinion. Looks like you have favorites.

“Unfortunately, I have an opinion and I think it’s important that us commentators or people in the game, including you (journalists), have to be honest with our opinions and some people are not going to like that. , which is fine.

“But maybe they could respect it, or maybe it could inspire them. Who knows?”

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