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The best Colossal Knight build in Elden Ring for Colosseum PvP

PVP has never been more exciting in Elden Ring thanks to the Colosseum update. However, the best build right now is clearly Colossal Knight. Huge swords, heavy damage, that’s the foundation of the build, and right now everyone seems to be taking their favorite giant weapon and bashing their enemies with it.

While this build won’t make you great in PVP, it’s a solid start for your weapon and talismans. It might not be easy to get all the gear you need for this build, but you’ll be in a position to shatter the dreams of your opponents in Elden Ring’s newest PVP mode.

What to get for your Colossal Knight build in Elden Ring for Colosseum PVP

There are few things more satisfying in the Elden Ring than a successful greatsword attack. They are huge and a bit slow, but incredibly powerful. However, they require a considerable amount of skill. You have to make every single swing count, so it’s also very skill-based. If you swing, you can be reversed and defeated, so you have to be careful.

Cargo for Colossal Knight

  • A great sword
  • Bloodhound’s Step
  • Spear Talisman
  • Bull goat talisman
  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal
  • A set of knight armor

For weapons is the best choice A great sword, which is also known as Gut’s Sword from Berserk. It is a massive, powerful blade, found in an abandoned treasure cart in the northwestern Caelid while exploring the Elden Ring.

You’ll want to equip it as well Bloodhound’s Step Ashes of war. It’s a better version of Quickstep that moves further and faster. You can circle lock targets with it, so it’s perfect for such a massive weapon. You will have to find him in Dragonbarrow, with one of the Night Cavalry. You can find them by the bridge before Lenne’s Rise. The players also took advantage Barbarian Roar or A war cry.

The Spear Talisman deals 15% counter strike damage to melee weapons, which is certainly useful. The Bull goat talisman will reduce Poison Damage by 25%, making you much more durable in PVP matches in Elden Ring. Pair it with Dragoncrest Greatshield Talismanwhich reduces physical damage by 20%.

You’ll also want to use the powerful Great-Jar’s Arsensal to increase your Equip Load by 19%. Combined with the Knight Armor set, you will increase your overall defense against other players in the Elden Ring. You can buy it in a round table holder from Twin Maiden Husks.

For your stats, focus on Strength, Strength, and Stamina. Even if your weapon is quite slow, all things considered, these stats will make your every hit count.

With these in hand, it will still be at your skill level to overcome your opponents. However, anyone foolish enough to take up arms against you in the Coliseum will find that overcoming the power of the Greatsword is no easy task.

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