Input-based matchmaking might never be a part of Warzone 2 (Image via Activision)

Why Warzone 2 Should Implement Input-Based Matchmaking

It’s only been a week since Warzone 2 launched. While the developers have managed to do a good job with regards to the overall title itself, the game has a lot of bugs that need urgent attention.

A section of the community is very happy with how Warzone 2 feels right now, but there is a section of individuals who feel that the developers need to put more work into the game at this point. With Warzone 2 available on both consoles and PC, the community began to wonder if the developers needed to introduce input-based matchmaking to the game.

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Input-based matchmaking will increase the wait time players face in Warzone 2

Input-based matchmaking can be used to group players based on the devices they use. In the world of esports and gaming, two basic forms of entry prevail. The two methods are controllers and mouse and keyboard. This should not be confused with gaming platforms as gamers can use a controller with a PC. Individuals can also choose to use a mouse and keyboard with the console.

So just because a player is using a console doesn’t mean they are on a controller. But does Warzone 2 really need input-based matchmaking? For starters, input-based matchmaking will increase the wait time players face when finding a match. This will also force the system to search and group players with a similar type of input method.

This ensures that players using the controller will be grouped with other players using controllers. However, being a multiplayer title, it will involve some form of skill-based or even connection-based matchmaking. If this is implemented for these two types of matchmaking, wait times will skyrocket.

The only benefit that input-based matchmaking will bring to Warzone 2 is the fact that keyboard and mouse players won’t complain about controller players having aim assist. They will all be grouped together with players using similar input methods and the playing field will be largely the same.

There’s also a chance that players using aimbots will refrain if there’s parity in play, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

Will the developers implement matchmaking based on input?

Truth be told, it’s unlikely they’ll do this any time soon for Warzone 2. Now doesn’t seem like a very good time to implement it either. It’s only been a week since the game launched and queue times are a bit longer than usual.

To keep this under control, input-based matchmaking needs to be left out. In general, most of the community plays with a controller, and separating lobbies based on input-based methods completely kills keyboard and mouse lobbies.

The Warzone 2 community feels that the aim assist for controllers is a bit higher than usual in Battle Royale. While neither input device seems to be an issue here, the developers need some tweaking to level the playing field for both controller and keyboard and mouse players.

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