5 best Free Fire MAX characters to use in Clash Squad mode after OB37 update

Top 5 Free Fire MAX characters to use in Clash Squad mode after OB37 update

Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular online game titles. Its excellent compatibility and excellent graphics make it one of the top-grossing games of this genre. The developers of the game are constantly releasing new improvements and adding amazing features to continue to provide an engaging experience.

Over the years, Garena has added nearly 30 new characters with unique skills. These abilities provide an advantage on the battlefield and are important to keep in mind when leveling up.

Players can get characters with the help of diamonds and gold from the store. This article discusses the top five characters to use in Clash Squad after the latest OB37 update in Free Fire MAX.

DJ Alok and four other cool characters to use in Clash Squad mode after OB37 update in Free Fire MAX

5) Guardian

Xayne is currently one of the best characters in Free Fire MAX and her Xtreme Encounter skill is especially useful in the Clash Squad game mode. The character received some significant improvements in the recent update that made the ability more effective.

The skill temporarily restores 120 HP, which decreases over time, and the player also deals increased 100% damage to Gloo Walls and shields. This effect is only active for six seconds.

Players can upgrade skill attributes by upgrading a character. This reduces the cooldown of the skill to 100 seconds and increases the damage done to gloo walls and shields by 200%.

4) Chrono

Chrono is a famous Free Fire MAX character based on soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. The character’s Time-Turner feature allows the user to build a force field that can withstand up to 800 damage from opponents.

Players can use this skill in open environments to protect themselves from enemy ambushes. The main drawback is that players cannot shoot enemies that are outside of the force field.

3) Kenta

Kenta is another excellent character that players can choose to use in Free Fire MAX’s Clash Squad mode. Since the character was improved in the latest update, his active skill Swordsman Wraith has become even more devastating.

The skill allows players to build a 5 meter wide front shield that can reduce up to 65% damage from the front. The skill resets when the user fires and has a 120 second cooldown. Players can level up their character to reduce the cooldown to 70 seconds.

2) D-Bee

D-Bee is a great character to use in the Clash Squad game mode. The character comes with a passive ability called Bullet Beats, which is useful for increasing the accuracy of weapons, making it ideal for new players.

At the final upgrade level, the skill improves the player’s agility or movement speed by up to 20% and accuracy by up to 45%. This will help you eliminate more players, gain leaderboard points and improve your K/D ratio in Free Fire MAX.

1) DJ Alok

DJ Alok is one of the most wanted characters in the Free Fire MAX gaming community. The character can use the skill Drop the Beat, which restores health and improves movement speed.

With this skill, players can create a 5 meter aura and gain up to 5 HP per second for five seconds. In addition to healing, allies’ movement speed is also increased by 10%. Players can purchase the character from the store for 599 diamonds.

Disclaimer: This list is in no particular order and reflects the views of the author. Character selection depends entirely on the player’s play style. The above skills are at a minimum level.

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