This simple USB dongle could help the average person type 600% faster

This simple USB dongle could help the average person type 600% faster

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It sounds like an ad you’d find in the back pages Popular science for a miraculous device that could not fulfill its promises but Dongle CharaChorder X can legitimately and dramatically improve the user’s typing speed– provided they’re willing to put in the work to learn how to use it.

So how can a device claim to “increase the average human typing speed from 40 words per minute to 250 words per minute” without sticking a probe deep into the user’s brain to find out what word they’re thinking faster than they can type with their fingers? ? The secret to CharaChorder Xand previous products of its creators such as CharaChorder Lite keyboard, is that it simply reduces the number of keys that need to be typed to spell words. So instead of the user needing 28 separate keystrokes to type out antidisestablishmentarianism, they would only have to press a combination of three or four keys once.

The secret of CharaChorder X is in its name: chords. CharaChorder technology allows the alphanumeric keyboard to be used in a similar way to a piano player pressing multiple keys simultaneously to play a group of notes with a unique sound, or a guitar player strumming multiple strings. However, instead of making sounds, pressing several different keys at the same time triggers a much longer word to be typed automatically, making the keyboard a much more efficient input tool.

The the original version of CharaChorder it looked more like a gaming peripheral covered in a collection of wriggling unmarked joysticks, but a sequel CharaChorder Lite, looked like a regular compact keyboard, making it easy for users to slowly transition from traditional typing techniques to the benefits of chord typing. And as much as the company was happy for everyone to spend $200 on its special keyboard, its latest creation is a much cheaper solution that gives any existing keyboard CharaChorder capabilities.

The CharaChorder X dongle connects to the device’s USB port and then the keyboard is connected to it. There is no need to install any special drivers or software because CharaChorder X itself monitors what is being typed and automatically enters longer words when three- or four-key combination is detected. It comes with a library of existing but custom chordss can also program their own chords via a web interface, with the dongle having enough capacity to store over 65,000 presets. And since it’s a standalone device, it works with Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android, iOS, and iPadOS.

There are two catches to taking advantage of the CharaChorder X’s typing speed. First, you have to learn all those chords and the muscle memory required to accurately hit three or four keys at once. This is made easy with the web-based training tools the company provides, but it will take some practice memorize enough of them to significantly improve your typing speed.

Second, its creators are using a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help bring the CharaChorder X into production. The campaign has already outdone itself Funding goal $10,000and you can get one of the dongles for just $39 with the post, making the full retail price $100 in the end. Delivery is expected sometime in July of next year, but as with any Kickstarted product, especially electronics, there’s always the possibility unforeseen delay. The company has already launched several products through Kickstarter, so it has a solid track record, but it’s always good to be cautious with products where all the risk is placed on those who pre-order one.

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