How and When to Preload 'Warzone 2' Plus File Size on Xbox, PlayStation and PC - Launch Details

How and When to Preload ‘Warzone 2’ Plus File Size on Xbox, PlayStation and PC – Launch Details

War zone 2 it’s almost here, along with the beginning Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Season 1, adding a new DMZ mode and lots of new content to dive into.

New free-to-play Call of Duty Battle Royale comes with a new Al Mazrah map, an all-new Battle Pass, and revamped game systems including 2v2 Gulag matches, all-new Buy Stations, and a collapsing circle that can split into two or three smaller circles.

Prefetching for War zone 2 has now launched on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC via and Steam. I’ve been testing the preload and ran into a few glitches that I’m currently working on with Activision. Basically, head to your platform’s store and search War zone 2. When it appears, you should be able to simply press the preload button to begin the installation.

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However, the snags I’ve run into include:

  • On Steam, when I press pre-load, it simply starts Modern War II It is possible that this means that the game is already pre-installed. I’m not sure!
  • On PlayStation 5 when I search War zone 2 does not appear. Modern War II appear as well as some packs for the original war zone, but not War zone 2.

However, you can follow this link which will redirect you to War zone 2 website where you can select your platform and add the game to your library (in theory it should work!) For example, this link takes me directly to the PlayStation version of the game and gives me the option to add to my library.

When I followed the steps from this link, I found that on the PlayStation, War zone 2 turns out to be Modern War II There is no separate game, icon or page for it. I was able to preload but can’t tell if it preloads the whole thing Modern War II game (which I don’t own on PlayStation!) or just like that Warzone. However, the file size is 38.6 GB. More on that in a second.

Speaking of file sizes, how much space does Warzone 2 require?

I’m trying to get confirmation on the download size from Activision, but I’m seeing conflicting reports right now. For example, many stores report this War zone 2 takes up 115GB on Xbox and PlayStation, but when I preloaded the game on Xbox Series X, I get this screen when I go to manage the game:

As you can see, I am showing here War zone 2 it takes up a measly 6.2GB. Total footprint Modern Warfare II campaign, Co-Op, Multiplayer and Warzone 2 is under 50GB.

Meanwhile, I could see the size before loading on i have Modern War II installed on Steam and on War zone 2 it says you need 125 GB of space on your computer to install the game. In, however, the preload only requires 17.4 GB:

If War zone 2 it’s only 6.2GB on Xbox and 17.4GB on I can’t imagine it’s 38.6GB on PlayStation, which suggests to me that there is some ‘core’ game that contains files for both Modern War II and war zone 2, and this also installs on my PlayStation 5 (where I really don’t have that much space! I’m just doing this for science!)

It’s possible that this is just the initial size of the preload and there is another big update coming that will require a lot more hard drive space. I’ve asked for clarification and will update this post when I find out more.

All this means we have limited information at this point, but the actual preload isn’t that big as far as I can tell, ranging from 6.2 GB on Xbox 17.4 GB on PC and 38.6 GB on PlayStationalthough there is probably a smaller one if you already have one Modern War II installed.

Oh and right now my install on Steam Modern Warfare II –probably with War zone 2 pre-installed – is 55.45 GB. I think it was about 30GB at startup. So it’s possible that on Steam War zone 2 the update was around 25GB but I’m not entirely sure as updates between launch and now could affect the size of the base install.

There are many mysteries! See you this Wednesday in Warzone! If everything goes according to plan and we don’t have constant crashes, yes!

Update: I was forced to restart the game tonight around 8:30pm MT for a pretty sizable update around 34GB (on Steam). This suggests to me that the minor pre-install update from yesterday was only a small piece of the whole thing.

The new update didn’t change anything that I can see Modern War II alone. Battle Pass and Store are still locked. However, it added a new main launch screen with the option to choose between Modern Warfare II, Warzone: DMZ (Beta) and Warzone: Battle Royale.

Edit: According to my Xbox friends, today’s update is roughly 68GB. So make sure you update as soon as possible!

If you place your cursor on MWII, it looks like this:

Hover over the DMZ:

And hover over Warzone 2.0:

As you can see, it’s a much cleaner interface than the previous Warzone/Modern Warfare integration. Hopefully it’s not a total disaster that breaks Modern War II way War Zone 1 broke modern warfare 2019. Even at the end of the run of these games, whenever my team would end a MW match, at least one or two players would be kicked into the WZ lobby. Very irritating!

We’ll see if there are any changes to the interface tomorrow morning when the game starts. Still hoping for some serious menu changes. While I like the clean presentation, the menus are clunky to navigate, and weird glitches like getting kicked out of whatever you’re doing when the party leader starts a match (etc. etc. etc.) spoil the experience pretty badly.

New Battle Pass

Activision has also released a new trailer and information about the Season 1 Battle Pass, which is across development Warzone 2.0 and Modern War II You can watch the new trailer here:

According to the Call Of Duty blog post:

The basic Battle Pass contains 20 free items. Upgrade to access all 100+ items, or get the Battle Pass for an instant 20 Battle Token Level Skip – 25 if you’re on PlayStation® 4 or 5 – to get a head start on unlocking these rewards. Those who have the Vault edition of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II they can also take advantage of their free Battle Pass and Battle Token Tier Skips.

Instead of a linear 100 levels to unlock, players now unlock sectors as they progress. Battle Pass actually looks like some sort of board game or turn-based strategy game. (I’d actually like to see XCOM style Call of Duty a turn-based tactical game for what it’s worth).

I’ll have a lot more Warzone 2.0 and Modern Warfare II Season 1 coverage here on this blog tomorrow and in the coming days, so stay tuned and follow me here and beyond Twitter or Facebook. See you in WARZONE!

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