Three months ago, God of War Ragnarok Devs said, “Damn, that game is not good.  What do we do?'  - IGN

Three months ago, God of War Ragnarok Devs said, “Damn, that game is not good. What do we do?’ – IGN

Three months ago, long before God of War Ragnarok was awarded glowing reviews by IGN and many others, some developers were “freaking out” and thinking, “Damn, this game is not good. What do we do? ?”

In an interview with GQ UK, God of War Ragnarok director Eric Williams was asked how he stays motivated and handles the pressure of following up on one of the most popular games of recent times in 2018’s God of War.

Except that some people don’t realize that it’s not as easy as it might seem to follow up on a game that has reached such great heights as, “You’ll never hear anyone say, ‘The second time I climbed Everest, it was easy. also provided a fascinating insight into the team’s mindset three months ago.

“When you work with people who are at the top of what they do, you get the magic,” Williams said. “I just came out of the room with those people. All I could say to them was, Thank you.” Three months ago, they were freaking out, “Damn, the game isn’t good. What are we going to do?” I can’t even imagine how she feels today. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and feel that way.”

Williams also discussed the decision to make Kratos’ journey through Norse mythology only two games and not a trilogy.

“We knew what most of the big plots were going to be,” Williams said of what they knew going into Ragnarok after 2018’s God of War was finished. “But at the time we were still talking about two or three matches? Me and [Cory Barlog] they were kind of on side two, but the team has kind of settled into the trilogy. So we thought, ‘So how do we go back?’

“It’s really hard to do. Because [the team] he started saying, ‘Well, are we going to cram two games into one? Because it will be impossible.” People know [trilogies] and when you change things, people feel uncomfortable. But that’s usually where the magic happens. If I don’t feel like I’m scared, like I’m literally going to get fired every day because I screwed up, I don’t feel like I’m doing it right.”

Despite some things being “reset and reconfigured for pacing”, Williams also confirmed that God of War Ragnarok’s story wasn’t shortened at all after they decided to make the saga only two games.

We here at IGN were all for the decisions the team made when we gave God of War Ragnarok a rare 10/10. In our review we said: “A riveting spectacle to watch and an even more thrilling spectacle to wield, God of War Ragnarok blends action and adventure to create a new, unforgettable Norse saga. Flawless writing, perfect performances, knockout action – it’s a complete work of art from top to bottom.”

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