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League of Legends’ brand new Heartsteel tank item is getting players banned on the PBE for purchasing it

A brand new tank item in League of Legends, Heartsteel, currently available on the PBE, gives players a permaban for purchasing it. This is a very bizarre scenario, as banning fans for purchasing an item is something that has never happened in the game.

As of now, Riot Games has not provided any fix for this and the only way to avoid permaban is to not buy Heartsteel. It is clear that players are quite upset about the situation, as such a bug is dangerous for the game.

However, it led to some jokes in the community as well. Players say that the item is so powerful that even just buying it can get them banned.

The brand new Heartsteel gets an entire team banned in PBE League of Legends

As mentioned earlier, the newest tank item, Heartsteel, is getting players permanently banned from the League of Legends PBE for simply using it. However, as it turns out, it is not only the user who receives the ban.

If any other player is present on the team of the person who buys the Heartsteel, then everyone else will be banned as well. This is definitely a problem, although Riot Games hasn’t done anything about it yet.

Hi @RiotSupport me and everyone i played games with on the pbe today got permanently banned for seemingly no reason please help. Affected accounts: ShopSaikoudotcomPositivePeteKreshlordPink Dreamer We all got banned for this reason I don’t know why https://t.co/xnftkfChKJ

The new Heartsteel item provides both increased damage and permanent bonus health to the champion using this item. It’s also pretty easy to use, and players have complained that it’s a bit overtuned.

However, this item ban issue originally started on Reddit. One user claimed to have been banned, although the report said it was because they were using third-party software while playing League of Legends.

Therefore, fans did not pay much attention to it at first, although the same post received many comments regarding the ban without any reason. Eventually, the whole thing started to gain ground when popular streamer RossBoomsocks posted on Twitter that he and his teammates had been banned for no reason.

However, the message claimed that it was meant to be used by a third-party tool. As such, League of Legends players have noticed a common pattern where simply buying a Heartsteel item causes bans.

@RiotSupport The bugs on the PBE are getting weirder every day, a few days ago I couldn’t join the games due to “connection problems” and had to wait several minutes for them to return to the home page, and yesterday my account was banned for “cheating” because i bought Heartsteel lol.

Naturally, fans flagged Riot Support and asked for a response. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved in the coming days, although people are unable to understand if Riot Games is even aware of this, as the developers have been completely silent on the whole matter.

Bugs are nothing new in League of Legends, with even professional players suffering from them at tournaments like Worlds 2022. However, getting banned for buying an item is probably a new low for bugs, and if they aren’t fixed, players will become very angry.

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