Zuckerberg takes on Apple, AI takes on Steve Jobs, and Ask Apple Developer launches |  AppleInsider

Zuckerberg takes on Apple, AI takes on Steve Jobs, and Ask Apple Developer launches | AppleInsider

Meta Quest Pro, in simulated use

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If you only listen to one podcast, listen to this week’s AppleInsider Podcast. But if you’re listening to two, you have to watch the show that uses AI to make it sound like Steve Jobs is alive again.

After all the launches, pre-orders, and finally shipments of products we’ve had from Apple lately, it’s been a quiet week for new devices — except for the Meta.

This week, Meta launched a $1,500 VR headset, and Mark Zuckerberg decided to defend the price by saying it’s cheaper than Apple should be, so yeah. He also insists that the world needs VR as an open system, so he works with Windows.

Even without clicking the Play button, you can already hear yours AppleInsider podcast hosts tell Zuckerberg er, sure, “open” system, we believe you.

What you won’t believe, despite the best efforts of the AI ​​company, is that there is a brand new interview with the late Steve Jobs on the podcast. For some reason he didn’t show up and neither did “host” Joe Rogan – yet it sounds like they were both there.

It does and it doesn’t. But this kind of profoundly false audio work raises some pretty scary questions for the future.

But speaking of questions, if you’re a developer and have one, Apple is listening. In what appears to be an excellent experiment in replicating the annual developer meetings at WWDC, a new Ask Apple service has been launched.

It’s only a short run, which suggests it’s a pilot, but it’s promising. Developers from around the world will be able to talk to Apple employees about specific coding issues or perhaps details about Apple’s iOS APIs and more.

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