Overwatch League skins are much more expensive in 'Overwatch 2'

Overwatch League skins are much more expensive in ‘Overwatch 2’

Hoo boy. This is not going to go well.

I had access to compile the review Overwatch 2 since last week and I’ve been looking to see what’s new/not already announced. As soon as I clicked on the Overwatch League tab in the store, one thing immediately jumped out at me: higher prices for both team skins and OWL Legendary skins.

If you’re interested in picking up the Happi Genji skin that was introduced for Summer Showdown, I recommend doing so sooner rather than later. While the skin will be available until November 15th, it will cost more after switching to Overwatch 2.

The skin currently costs 200 OWL tokens. This will increase to 300 OWL tokens Overwatch 2, just like other OWL Legendary skins. Team skins will also be more expensive. Will increase from 100 OWL tokens to 150 tokens each.

Meanwhile, alternate versions of legendary skins – those remixed in the colors of OWL tournament winners – cost 200 tokens. I already own the base Luchador Reaper skin, so I’m not sure if the two variants end up being different in price.

That’s not the only thing. When I asked Blizzard about the price increase and the reasoning behind it, a spokesperson said, “SOV prices are increasing to match our store prices.” So it will cost you more to buy OWL tokens. You will now have to pay $6 for 100 tokens instead of $5.

So if you want to buy Legendary OWL skin in Overwatch 2 and you didn’t get any free chips by watching OWL matches, you will have to pay $18. It is 80% increase what are the same skins made of Overwatch. The OWL team skin will cost $9 instead of $5.

This stinks. I totally get it Overwatch 2 the team needs to make money to fund the game’s continued development, and I’ve been a long time supporter Overwatch transition to free-to-play. But nickel and dime-ing long-term fans by making the same skin more expensive after moving into Overwatch 2 is overkill though players can still get OWL chips for free.

Additionally, Blizzard no longer creates skins for seasonal events Overwatch 1 available to buy with credits (the currency you got from loot boxes). Soon you will have to part with Overwatch Coins, in-game other paid currency, for you. Legendary seasonal skins will net you 1,900 coins – or $19. This is roughly on par with premium skins in other free-to-play games, but as someone coming from the original game where they were unlockable for free, it seems like a lot.

(In the image above, the gray symbol is for credits and the gold symbol is for coins. Otherwise, they are too similar in design. Don’t mix them up!)

While there is a way to earn free coins, you won’t do much just by playing, even if you complete each weekly challenge throughout the season. You can earn up to 60 coins per week, so 540 coins are up for grabs each season. That’s not enough for the premium Battle Pass (which is 950 Coins). If you don’t buy anything in the store, you can get enough Coins for one Premium Battle Pass about every two seasons.

If you have any credits left over from the original game, you’ll still be able to use them to unlock the old cosmetics, as well as some of the original Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko cosmetics (the ones that don’t unlock during the Fold battle).

Oh, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to get credits Overwatch 2. Once you run out, you’ll need to use Coins to unlock old cosmetics.

It will be more difficult for the new ones Overwatch 2 players to earn old cosmetics and have some of the many, many cool skins, emotes, sprays and other items that experienced players have. That’s a bummer, the store prices seem a bit steep. While I may have some qualms about the scale of the new monetization model, that’s how it’s going to be from now on, for better or for worse.

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