Days of Our Lives spoilers September 5-16

Days of Our Lives spoilers September 5-16

We have the latest Days of our lives spoilers from Monday September 5th to Friday September 16th. Victor gives Alex an order – and he’s dealing with Stephanie – plus Xander and Sarah plan to get married ASAP, Rolf is ordered to wake up Stefan, and Ava is pissed about the meeting in the DiMera crypt!

Days of our lives week of September 5 spoilers:

Days of our lives spoilers for Monday, September 5:

Well, isn’t that convenient? Alex is attracted to Stephanie on a personal level, and Victor thinks the two should work closely together on a professional level! What could go wrong?

Proving that tragedy can bring people together, Will rushes back to Salem when he learns of his husband’s condition.

Jennifer’s secret isn’t so secret after another person finds out about it.

Sloan is a fast talker, but can she get out of Rafe’s plan to have her thrown behind bars?

Yellowstone shame: [Spoiler] back in season 5 — plus, check out the extensive gallery full of photos from the past four seasons and the stories that kept us tuning in every week!

Days of our lives spoilers for Tuesday, September 6:

Sarah and Xander may have realized that waiting would be giving the fates another chance to collide between them, and realize that the best thing they can do is tie the knot now!

Rafe has some important questions for Sloan about her client. And just then, the client in question — Leo — is busy pleading his case.

Gwen may cause trouble again when she is released from prison.

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Days of our lives spoilers for Wednesday, September 7:

John and Marlena may have been together for a long, long time, but that doesn’t mean they’re slacking in the romance department. In fact, he’s about to give the Doctor a day worth of swooning!

Abe wasn’t sure he even wanted to enter the race. So how will he react to the news Stephanie has for him and Paulina?

Buckle up Steve, because Jada is about to read the dirt on you!

Nothing good can come of this: Orpheus is going to visit Rolf!

Days of our lives spoilers for Thursday, September 8:

Kristen finished playing games as she ordered Rolf to wake Stefan up quickly. But could she be making a big mistake?

Gabi and Ava were not-so-secretly plotting right in the DiMera living room, so it will come as no surprise that EJ confronts Shin’s girlfriend about her boyfriend’s actions. Meanwhile, Li makes a move that can only be called “brave”.

Days of our lives spoilers for Friday, September 9:

Even as Johnny and EJ run into Ava, the beauty has a very disturbing encounter in the DiMera crypt. Is another clash with “Jake” about to happen?

When Li presents the facts, will Gabi listen to what he has to say?

Apparently, Kristen is acting weird… even by Kristen’s standards. When Brady and Chloe ask Rachel’s mom a few questions, will they get a clearer picture of what’s going on?

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Days of our lives week of September 12 spoilers:

Days of our lives spoilers for Monday, September 12:

The soap’s first day on the Peacock is going to be a big one for Gabi: She’s stunned when she comes face-to-face with lost love Stefan.

Days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday, September 13:

We kind of doubt it’s going to be a “take two aspirin and call me in the morning” situation when Marlena, Kayla, and Kate suddenly get sick.

Days of our lives spoilers for Wednesday September 14:

Whelp, we knew it would be sooner or later – and when it’s a soap, we bet on sooner. Xander and Sarah’s state of wedded bliss comes to an abrupt halt.

No glasses needed as Orpheus’ true revenge on his enemies becomes clear.

Days of our lives spoilers for Thursday, September 15:

Watch as EJ’s blood pressure goes through the roof when Gabi informs him that Stefan is alive.

Days of our lives spoilers for Friday, September 16:

Kristen points out that there is no low she won’t stoop to and makes a shocking accusation against Brady.

Now that we’ve given you a sneak peek of what’s in store for some Salem couples, check out our gallery below for a look back at the couples the soap teased…and never delivered.

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