Dead Island 2: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay & More |  Digital trends

Dead Island 2: Release Date, Trailers, Gameplay & More | Digital trends

Believe it or not, but Dead Island 2 is not only still real, but actually coming out. For those following the title’s troubled trajectory, it’s a story nearly 10 years in the making. Originally revealed in 2014, Dead Island 2 it died and was resurrected at least twice, with a new development team taking on the project each time. The average person probably assumed the game was scrapped years ago, but for those who never gave up hope, your faith was rewarded.

The leaks took some of the excitement out of it Dead Island 2The big reveal during Gamescom 2022, however, couldn’t suppress what looks like a much better game than its troubled history would have you believe. Since so much has changed during development, let alone the entire game environment, a lot of people may be wondering what the excitement is about this zombie game. Grab a blunt object and get ready to crack some zombie skulls as we go through everything we know about Dead Island 2.

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We don’t quite get to the full 10 years between first reveal and release, but we come close. dead island 2, assuming no further delays are announced, it will arrive on February 3, 2023.


Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 it doesn’t pop on any platform it can reasonably fit on. Come next year, you can look forward to this game on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Sorry Switch fans.


Dead Island 2 – Gamescom Reveal Trailer [4K Official]

We’re going to skip talking about the old reveal trailer from 2014, because aside from just being a movie, it was made for a game that’s being worked on by a completely different team. The actual trailer we want to look at is the announcement trailer from Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022.

We start with some pre-rendered shots of a completely destroyed living room overlooking the pool. The floor is littered with wine bottles, beer glasses, cigarettes, crushed cans and other remnants of a good night. A hand reaches out and the man wakes up on the couch. He looks around, takes a drink, and checks himself in the mirror. Either he is quite tired or his bloodshot eyes suggest that he is infected.

The man grabs a gun at the door, looks back at the scene of bloody corpses we haven’t shown before, and heads out into the street. The zombies are immediately drawn to him, which he retaliates by smashing his alcohol bottle over the first one’s head before hitting the club and using his makeshift bayonet to take down the following crowd.

The location in the background changes as the man fights the approaching zombies, first to the beach and then to the center of town, where he sets the group on fire by lighting his cigarette in a pool of spilled gas.

In the next scene, we’re in a store, picking up some snacks, pills, and more alcohol. The legless zombie tries in vain to attack, but our “hero” simply crushes him to a pulp by pulling a shelf down on him.

Back in the original room, our hero rests on the sofa to find a single zombie stumbling inside. Sighing, he reaches into his pocket to see what he has. He takes his single round from his rifle, loads it into the gun and fires. It doesn’t appear to be a normal bullet as the zombie completely explodes after being hit. Realizing that there are no batteries in the controller, the man reluctantly gets up to go for another run, this time stopping at a cupboard to grab a katana.

Outside on the street, he neighborly waves hello to a couple of other survivors before we cut to the title.

As for the story, we just know the basic setup for now.

in Dead Island 2, you’ll play as one of six characters in Los Angeles (make a joke about LA not being an island here), where the same zombie virus from the first game has ravaged most of the population. The army gave up trying to eliminate the infection and resorted to a simple quarantine of the entire city. However, your character is also infected, even if for whatever reason you are able to resist being turned into a zombie.

The game will focus on trying to survive, uncovering what caused the epidemic and why you are somehow immune to it, and seeing if you can help cure the epidemic. Pretty bare bones and uninspired for a zombie game, but hopefully the plot itself will be more interesting.


Dissatisfied with bringing Dead Island 2 back with a simple cinematic trailer, we also got a full gameplay trailer during gamescom to prove that this game is actually real.

After checking out the game’s beautiful but desolate locales, including collapsed streets and graffiti-covered tunnels, we jump into first-person view to watch a man smash his head through a boarded-up window.

After some weird cutscenes that seem to be from story beats, we get some cutscenes of objects being jammed into zombies’ heads, plus more punching, kicking, stabbing, and slicing. Weapons are seen being thrown, there are environmental hazards such as the use of electrical boxes and gas trucks, and there are also your traditional firearms and melee combat.

For weapons, we see some pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, and assault rifles. The range of melee weapons here looks much more extensive, though it’s hard to tell exactly what each one is due to being swung around and buried into zombie skulls so quickly.

According to Deep Silver, Dead Island 2 is “the most intense, intense, and gory first-person experience possible,” and that’s certainly evident in the trailer, which shows every gory detail.

An increase from the original game’s four, Dead Island 2 allows you to select one of six characters. As in the first game, each character is essentially their own class with their own abilities and skills, in addition to voice lines and personalities. None of the characters, or what makes them unique, has yet been detailed.


Zombies in the driveway.

It’s almost mandatory that your zombie game, regardless of its type, has co-op. The first game only had online co-op with up to four players, but Dead Island 2 seems to narrow it down a bit to a group of three. Since this is mostly an RPG where there are lots of quests, loot and just pure exploration, having friends with you will undoubtedly be the primary incentive to play. However, many important questions still need to be answered.

First, Dead island forced players to wait until they’ve completed several hours of solo play before starting co-op as an option, and we don’t know if that will be the case here. The first game also allowed co-op players to play as the same characters. But the real questions have to do with cross-play and progression. We don’t know if you’ll still be able to play with friends across platforms, or how progress made in co-op will or won’t carry over to and from your single-player game.


A pile of bloody zombies.

You can pre-order any of the three editions right now Dead Island 2 directly from the game’s official website! You can choose from Standard, Deluxe or Gold editions for digital versions or Day one, Pulp and Hell-A editions as physical editions for various bonus content and collectibles.

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