The Young and the Restless Spoilers August 22-26

The Young and the Restless Spoilers August 22-26

Things are getting pretty damn messy in the latest The young and the restless spoilers from Monday August 22nd to Friday August 26th. As Lily questions Billy’s intentions, Chelsea makes a big move. While Sharon helps Nick get through a rough spot, Victor probably makes it even rougher. And as Phyllis proves her mettle, Victoria issues a reminder that she’s not to be messed with. Details on these spoilers and more are below…

Casting Alert! This Young & Restless the newcomer will affect the worlds of Billy, Vikki and Chelsea. Get the details.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday August 19:

In Friday’s recap, Chance’s decision leaves Nick shaken, Diane flips out after her “kiss” with Jack, and Chelsea calls Billy’s bluff!

Even with Victor protecting his family’s secret — we just knew it wasn’t a confession — Nick is considering coming clean. Of course, if he did, he might find himself in the unusual position of being taller than Dad [bleep] list than the usually black sheep Adam. Speaking of who…

What Adam does next could make not just Victor, but all the Newmans.

Someone had to tell Diane that if she’s going to dream, she might as well dream big, because today she’s envisioning a future for herself and Jack—you know, the ex whose heart she’s broken more times than we can count.

Young & Restless week of August 22nd spoilers:

Y&R Restless bragging! Hot Topics: Adam ruins Chance’s master plan, Diana’s secret in LA, and Chancellor-Winters prep issues…and we don’t just mean Nate and Devon!

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, August 22:

In Monday’s recap, Adam warns Victor, Nick opens up to Sharon, and Billy and Victoria revisit old memories.
Victoria is coming home to Y&R

Heck! Young & Restless’ Billy quits – but what happens next is even more shocking!

Victor loses his patience with Adam as often as we lose our keys, glasses and train of thought. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that this is happening today. It Yippeeafter all, a day of the week that ends in a day.

Oh, that should be rich! Billy gives Victoria some sage advice. Which, if he has any sense in his head, is probably much better ignored than taken to heart.

We could be one step closer to a “Shick” reunion as recently widowed Sharon helps the inexplicably single Nick face his demons. If they have anything to do with his troubled family, they must be demons he is very familiar with! (Relive the couple’s steamy history here.)

His life in pictures: Celebrate Melissa Claire Egan’s son’s first birthday with photos of his precious ‘firsts’.

Young & Restless Spoilers for Tuesday, August 23:

Chance, chance, chance. You should know better than to play poker, even metaphorically, with Victor. Will the detective fold when his father-in-law calls his bluff?

Victoria seems pretty solid to us these days. But Nikki questions her daughter’s mental state. It would make an awful lot of sense for Victoria to go through some PTSD after marrying Ashland, finding out about his big lie, almost dying in a car accident, and then seeing him die before he could kill her.

It’s give-or-shut up time for Billy Boy as Lily forces her beau to make a decision about his future. Will he make the right one? Um, did he ever?

Susan Walters (Diane) and soap alum hubby Linden Ashby (ex-Cameron Kirsten) introduce their new grandchild in heart-melting photos.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday August 24:

It comes as naturally to Victor as drinking a third glass of wine to us! So we doubt he’ll have any trouble when he feels compelled to defend his actions once again. Honestly, why does anyone bother to challenge him at this point?

Now here’s a pair of well-matched opponents: Adam and Kevin. They are just as sneaky when they want to be. But this time it’s Adam who gets the upper hand.

It feels like ages since we’ve seen him smile. So as Nick relishes his new role, we might catch a glimpse of him with a little pep in his step.

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, August 25:

Upper this, Diane! Phyllis makes a power deal that should making her an overnight sensation at Marchetti. Now if someone tries to say that she only has her job because the boss is her daughter.

When Kyle protects Jack’s interests, will they be business…or personal? Actually, considering that almost everyone Jack knows or has some connection to work at Jabot, does it really make any difference?

Hmm. If Chelsea makes a bold move — and she will — we can’t help but wonder if it will be toward Billy. And just when he and Lily experience a bit of turbulence…

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday August 26:

Don’t mess with Victoria, mmkay? Because if you do, he’ll do exactly what he did today and strike back. You won’t like that.

Things cool down at Chancellor-Winters when Nate steals the spotlight. Will he eventually go so far as to make Devon and Lily consider dropping a rose petal on his table?

I see. So a bold move by Chelsea must to be with Billy because she’s getting mixed signals from him right now. Word to the wise, Billy Boy: You can have your cake or eat it, but you can’t have it both!

Say yes to Christel Khalil’s 20th Lily-versary party by taking a behind-the-scenes look at photos from the celebration with her colleagues and family.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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