Save up to $100 on some of Sony's best headphones and earbuds

Save up to $100 on some of Sony’s best headphones and earbuds

After a week of solid deals, we’ve got some candy for you to finish off your weekend. For starters, Woot has great prices on some of Sony’s top-of-the-range headphones — both for those who prefer over-the-ear headphones and true wireless headphones.

You may be no stranger to the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones, and for good reason, as they’ve been our best headphones you can buy for a long time. Their title has been usurped by the newer and more expensive WH-1000XM5, but the XM4 remains an excellent choice with great sound quality, noise cancellation and the ability to fold up for easier storage (a glaring omission from the new model’s redesigned design).

Woot is offering the WH-1000XM4 headphones for a one-day sale price of $269.99 (about $80 off), but if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber and order through the Woot app for iOS or Android, you’ll get an additional $20 off. That brings the price down to $249.99 with free shipping, matching the low price we last saw around the holidays. Read our review.

Sony WH-1000XM4

These headphones are some of the best noise canceling headphones you can buy right now. They last up to 30 hours on a single charge and provide comfortable listening with plush ear cups. On August 20, Amazon Prime members can get an extra $20 off when shopping through the Woot app.

If headphones are more your problem, the Sony WF-1000XM4 headphones are also a great deal from Woot – although there are other terms you need to know. Woot is selling an imported international model of the Sony WF-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphone for $199.99 ($80 off) on its site. There is nothing physically different about these plugs that are in new condition, but since they are imported, the only warranty is the 90 day warranty provided by Woot. If you’re not sure, there’s also a 30-day return period for some peace of mind. The special offer is for Amazon Prime subscribers who order through the Woot app today and can get an extra $20 off, bringing the buds down to $179.99 ($100 off).

The WF-1000XM4 (we know Sony’s names are convoluted and terrible) still hold the crown of the best headphones to buy in our buying guide, thanks to excellent noise cancellation, detailed sound quality and amazing battery life. Read our review.

Sony WF-1000XM4

The Sony WF-1000XM4 has the best noise cancellation of any true wireless headphone and the sound quality is second to none. The headphones can now also be charged wirelessly and have a new design that is smaller and has IPX4 protection. Amazon Prime members can get an additional $20 off an imported international model with a 90-day warranty by purchasing through the Woot app on August 20.

Now there’s one more trade-off worth mentioning in Woot’s obsessive attempts to get you to download and use its app. The Animal Crossing The Nintendo Switch Console Edition is marked down to $269.99 ($30 off) for Amazon Prime subscribers via the Woot app — others get it for just $10. Yes, this is the same Switch that launched in 2017, not the improved OLED version, but it’s hard to deny the cute color and design. I can speak from a little experience here, as this edition is one of three switches I own (I may have a problem), and it’s by far the most magical.

Tragically, you will not receive a copy of the package Animal Crossing: New Horizons with this Switch, but the Joy-Cons and the embossed design on the back are quite a treat. Plus, the $40 saved on this one-day deal offsets most or all of the cost New horizons, Mario Kart 8 Deluxeor Super Mario Odyssey – which are all on sale right now.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing-themed console takes the standard Switch and dresses it up with light blue and green Joy-Cons, color-coordinated hand straps, a white dock emblazoned with the Nook family, and a unique embossed pattern on the console’s back panel. Does not come with a copy Animal Crossing: New Horizonbut it fits the aesthetics of the game perfectly.

Okay, now for a great deal that’s available to anyone: Samsung’s original Galaxy Buds Pro in white are on sale at Amazon and Best Buy for $129.99 ($70 off). That’s almost matching their all-time low from Black Friday 2021. The new Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are coming out very soon and they look and sound very good in our review, but they also cost $30 more than the previous model. If you don’t feel the need to be on the cutting edge with the latest model, this deal on the older Galaxy Buds Pro is exceptional value – especially if you prefer Samsung phones, as some of the extra features are exclusive to the Galaxy range. .

The original Galaxy Buds Pro headphones sound great, offer good active noise cancellation and IPX7 sweat and water resistance. Their microphones may not compare to newer earbuds, but the money you save can help you forgive. Read our review.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro blend the technology found in the Buds Plus and Buds Live with the best sound quality the company has yet achieved in a pair of headphones.

More sweet Saturday deals:

  • If you like a game that combines a brutal challenge with beautiful visuals, the digital version Cuphead is $13.99 ($6 off) on Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store (Xbox) and Steam (PC). This small sale almost offsets the cost of its excellent DLC that launched recently.
  • Remaster of the classic 1997 shooter Doom 64 is now available for free on PC via the Epic Games Store. You can claim it until August 25th at 11:00 a.m. ET.
  • Costco has Apple’s entry-level Mac Mini with an M1 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage for an all-time low price of $569.99 (about $119 off) through Sunday, August 21st. If you’re not a Costco member, you can pay a 5 percent surcharge that adds $33.50 — still a very decent price for this affordable desktop. However, do not forget that you need a monitor, keyboard and mouse for this. Read our review.
  • The Turtle Beach Recon Controller for Xbox and PC is $44.95 ($15 off) at Amazon in black or white. This USB-C wired controller is excellent for playing online shooters thanks to its programmable back buttons and sound functions that allow you to better hear enemy footsteps. The cheaper Turtle Beach React-R recently launched in the US for $39.99, but for just $5, the Recon is a better buy. Read our review.
  • PlayStation Plus Essential Year Prepaid Digital Voucher is $39.16 at Eneb with discount code PSP. The exact price may fluctuate a bit, but should stay around $20 for the duration of the deal. If you have higher levels of PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium, you can claim this offer and get a proportional extension.

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