Hunger Games is a survival-based Minecraft game mode (Image via Bajan Canadian/YouTube)

10 Best Hunger Games Servers to Try in Minecraft in 2022

Minecraft has a lot of community multiplayer game modes, with the Hunger Games being one of the most fun.

This battle royale-style mode pits players against each other on a large PvP map until only one player or team is left standing.

The Hunger Games maintains countless Minecraft servers. Many of these servers use various plugins to enhance and customize the experience.

Below, Minecraft players can find a list of some of the funnest servers hosting the Hunger Games as of July 2022.

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Applecraft, HiveMC and 8 other great Minecraft servers to enjoy the Hunger Games in 2022

1) WildPrison

WildPrison continues to update its content regularly (Image via Riverrain123/YouTube)Minecraft Central's official logo (Image via

3) Mineplex

Mineplex has been officially backed by Mojang (Image via Mineplex)Applecraft's official logo (Image via

5) Archon

The Archon's creative server (Image via's official logo (Image via

7) Purple Prison

An in-game made Purple Prison logo (Image via's official logo (Image via

9) Minewind

Minewind's splash page (Image via is a household name among Minecraft players (Image via Hypixel)

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Hypixel, a name almost synonymous with Minecraft itself, has almost everything a player could wish for on a server. While Skyblock may be its most popular game mode, thousands of players still enjoy various PvP games, including the Hunger Games.

Hypixel’s approach to game mode is certainly one of the most remarkable. It is quite enjoyable due to the constant influx of new players coming to the server.

Hypixel also has one of the most experienced staff to make sure things stay fair and enjoyable for the player base.

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