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Wandering Platforms | The latest Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck

Stray is the most popular and talked-about game on social media right now, with gamers all over the world enthralled by this cat-starring sci-fi game.

You may have noticed that PlayStation is heavily involved in the hype for this game on social media, but what platforms is the game actually available on?

If you’re an Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, or Nintendo Switch owner, you may be wondering if your chosen console is capable of running Stray. What about PC gamers who are lucky enough to have a Steam Deck? Keep reading and we’ll explain the situation.

On which platforms is Stray available?

at startup Stray is available on PS4, PS5 and PC. If you play on one of these platforms, you should be able to purchase the game now.

While the physical boxed edition of Stray (available to order on GAME) isn’t out yet, the digital download can be purchased and accessed now via the PlayStation Store for console players or Steam for PC-based players.

Will Stray ever come to Xbox or Nintendo Switch?

It seems very Stray is likely to come to Xbox and Nintendo Switch console eventually, though no Stray release date has been confirmed by either of those console makers.

Why do we think this is likely? At the end of the game’s first trailer (embedded below), the fine print states that Stray is a PlayStation “exclusive for a limited time.” This strongly means that the game will be released on other platforms after some time.

When exactly could Stray be coming to Xbox and Switch? As far as we know, time-limited exclusivity deals can run for whatever length of time both parties agree to, but we’d guess a year-long delay is a good bet.

With that in mind, we’d hope to see Stray on Switch and Xbox in or around July 2023, but this is pure guesswork on our part. We’ll be sure to update this page if more platforms are announced.

As for whether Stray will come to Xbox Game Pass or Nintendo Switch Online (or any other subscription), we’ll have to wait and see!

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Does Stray run on Steam Deck?

If you’re lucky enough to have received a Steam Deck order and want to play Stray on the go (despite the lack of a Switch or mobile version), you might be wondering if Stray can run on Steam Deck.

We have good news for you: yes, Stray is running on Steam Deck, with the game’s official Steam page marking the game as “verified” for use on Steam Deck. So you should be able to run it on Valve’s rugged laptop if you have one. The video below proves it!

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