8 Shows to Watch If You Liked Game of Thrones - IGN

8 Shows to Watch If You Liked Game of Thrones – IGN

When a TV series is not only a huge ratings hit, but also a pop culture phenomenon, it’s only natural that viewers seek out similar shows once they end. Ten years ago, fans and networks alike were looking for “the next Lost” to repeat the thrilling success of this amazing mystery box series.

Now — yes, despite how the saga ended — the hunt is on for a Game of Thrones successor. HBO already has its ace lined up in ace form the current Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon, which premieres on August 21. But you might still be looking for other shows that feature high stakes, vast geography, big sets, big battle sequences, and maybe even a touch of magical mayhem. We’ve put together a quick list of eight shows to watch right now if you want a sprawling drama full of twists, mysteries and shadows.

And no, not all of them are set in the type of fantasy world you’re thinking of. We have smugglers, pirates, space detectives and more!

8 shows to watch if you liked Game of Thrones

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