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10 Hidden Gems On Steam You Didn’t Know About (2022)

With dozens of games released every month, Steam’s digital store for PC has never been more appealing. Players have access to an extensive catalog of games to try out and purchase. These offerings range from big-budget AAA releases that everyone is talking about, to smaller indie passion projects.

Speaking of the latter, the constant influx of games from smaller studios certainly increases gaming options for players on Steam. But at the same time, there is also the problem of “quantity over quality”, with many underrated games often falling under the eyes of gamers.

Here are some underrated games to try on Steam

1) Dust: Elysian Tail

Developed by Humble Hearts and published by Microsoft Studios, Dust: An Elysian Tail is a beloved cult classic. It is a 2D hack & slash side-scroller featuring anthropomorphic creatures. The protagonist, Dust, encounters a sentient sword called the Blade of Ahrah and must deal with monsters along the way. Combat is fast and fluid, and Dust can juggle enemies with intricate combos, coupled with a beautiful hand-drawn art style, the game is an adventure worth checking out on Steam.

2) combat chef brigade

What happens when you combine tile matching puzzles with side scrolling action? You get Battle Chef Brigade from Trinket Studios. As the name suggests, this is a game with a culinary theme. Players take on the role of Mina, an aspiring chef who runs away from her village to join a popular brigade to test her cooking and hunting skills against the continent’s best chefs. During 2D platformer segments, players must hunt down strange creatures and collect ingredients to use in puzzle-based battles with other talented chefs.

3) Silencer

The precision of rhythm games and the thrill of horror come together in Thumper. Developed by Drool, players zip through surreal dimensions while avoiding danger.

Neon lights and booming background music complement the challenging gameplay as players grind, jump and dash through the levels. The game often throws new mechanics at the player and further tests reflexes. Whatever players think of the game, there’s certainly nothing else on Steam.

4) Strange brigade

We’re excited to announce that Strange Brigade will launch on August 28th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC! Check out the Story Trailer and watch @StrangeBrigade for all the latest news, videos, contests and more! https://t.co/gYcOMqcf6U

Strange Brigade, one of Rebellion’s latest offerings on Steam, combines third-person gameplay with B-movie-inspired environments based on Egyptian mythology. After the spirit of the barbarian queen Seteki is released from her resting tomb, the Strange Brigade is called in to clean up the mess. The Brigade, a group of skilled adventurers, are armed with a variety of weapons to defeat the hordes of evil.

The game is inspired by Left 4 Dead as well as the developer’s own Zombie Army Trilogy games. As such, it’s also a cooperative experience, allowing up to four players to face off against undead enemies, puzzles, and traps.

5) Get even

Get Even, created by The Farm 51 of Chernobylite, is a psychological thriller FPS released in 2017 on Steam. In the role of Cole Black, players fight their way through an abandoned asylum at the behest of the mysterious Red.

Players will be armed with weapons and a camera and can interact with inmates, many of whom are hostile. Because the game emphasizes stealth and a non-lethal playstyle, killing is discouraged and players may be penalized for doing so.

6) Scholar: Rise

Looking for something short but sweet from the Steam store? Then D-Pad Studio offers you Savant: Ascent. Players control the powerful Alchemist, a mechanical wizard who seeks to control the power of a mysterious orb. It is capable of firing volleys of magical missiles, which is useful for destroying waves of enemies. The game features music by artist Savant, which are collectibles in the form of six gold discs that also provide new abilities. Players will have to climb the tower and fight the enemy waiting at the top.

7) AER Memories of Old

This leisurely exploration platformer puts the player in the shoes of a shapeshifter sent on a pilgrimage to the Land of the Gods. Developer Forgotten Key has clearly been inspired by series such as Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda with its puzzle dungeons. However, a lot of time will be spent flying through the sky, as players can transform into a bird and fly through the world in the shadow of cells. Players will have a great time exploring the mysterious ruins and secrets that this majestic land hides.

8) Wargroove

Wargroove takes a leaf from two iconic Nintendo franchises: Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. The newly crowned Queen of Mercia soon faces an invasion by the undead Felheim Legion. The game takes place across levels, each with different objectives and parameters.

There are several units to command, including unique characters with special abilities. Battles take place on a grid map and each unit is weak to a different type. Those still waiting for the Advance Wars remake to be released for the Nintendo Switch might want to check it out before the game is released.

9) The rebirth of shooting

Gunfire Reborn by Duoyi Games brings Borderlands-style shootouts to the realm of roguelikes. As an FPS looter game, players choose a unique hero (each with their own skills) and progress through levels, destroying enemies and gaining new weapons and abilities. Death restarts the entire game and each playthrough will be different thanks to the procedurally generated levels. Co-op is also a selling point, allowing Steam players to let their friends mark themselves for carnage.

10) Cipher

Are you interested in cryptography? Mathew Brown’s Cypher is an engaging and educational experience that tests the player’s logical skills. It’s a first-person puzzle game that takes place in a museum rich in various cryptography-based puzzles. There are countless challenging tasks on display, from simple substitution ciphers to the Enigma machine. It’s definitely one of the hardest puzzles available on Steam.

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